Join our storytelling project as we face gun violence with listening, empathy, and healing

Facing Project StoriesVolunteer as a storyteller, writer, or artist

Share your story. Listen to someone else’s. Make art inspired by stories.


“We must keep the promises that we have made to try to prevent further tragedies . . .We owe it [to our children] to do something.”  – Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton, Ohio

Facing Gun Violence Story Training

Thanks for volunteering as a writer, storyteller, or artist. If you missed our training session, you can watch it here.

What you say matters. How you say it matters more.

Thank you for volunteering to be a writer for The Facing Project.  The goal of the project is to collect stories from individuals on the topic of gun violence.  These stories will be shared in our community to promote collective healing.  As a writer you will be listening to persons affected by gun violence and […]

A message from The Peace Museum

We saw up close and personal in Dayton this past year, the blight of gun violence in our nation. The Facing Project, along with a wide collaboration made up of the City of Dayton, local universities, arts organizations, non-profits, businesses, and individuals alike, is leading the healing process by listening, sharing and writing stories, art, music, […]


Guidelines / Tips Meet face-to-face (if possible or on Skype) with your partner. Allow ample time for a chat. Try to find a key moment or a few key moments of the storyteller’s life to dive into. Focus on details that take us into these moments. All stories are written in the first person (I knew everything […]

What is the Facing Project?

The Facing Project connects people through stories to strengthen communities. We provide tools, a platform, and inspiration so communities can share the stories of citizens through the talent of local writers, artists, and actors. What We Do Our model guides communities as they enlist a team of writers to be paired one-on-one with citizens who are […]